Ebullient Investments: A Trusted Civil Engineering Contractors

To bring your visionary projects to life you require a reliable and result-oriented civil engineering contractors. Look no further as we are a distinguished company providing comprehensive engineering services on a large scale. With a commitment to quality, advanced design practices, and a skilled team of engineers, we offer end-to-end solutions that go beyond expectations.

Why Choose Us As Your Civil Contractor?

Commitment to Quality

We prioritize quality in every step. Using top-notch materials and modern equipment, our civil engineering solutions are not only safe and durable but also long-lasting.

Skilled Engineering Team

Our civil contractor team comprises the best and most skilled engineers dedicated to delivering civil engineering solutions. With a focus on advanced design practices, we empower our clients to adopt and develop designs with ease and precision.

Our Comprehensive Civil Engineering Services

1.CAD Engineering Services

We offer a range of architectural BIM modeling services. Our engineers excel in providing precise designs before the project commences, ensuring clarity and accuracy from the very beginning.

2. Architectural Engineering Services

Dive into high-quality Architectural Floor Plan Drawings and Project Drawings with our expert Engineers. Our Architectural Drafting Services strictly adhere to customer standards, providing detailed floor plans, elevation drawings, floor framing plans, roof framing plans, and foundation plans for architectural projects.

3. Civil Engineering Design

Civil engineering goes beyond designing aesthetically pleasing structures. We are your one-stop destination for accurate and precise civil engineering design. Our in-house team of civil engineers ensures that each project aligns with client expectations, international standards, and industry codes.

4. Construction and Cost Estimation

The construction and cost estimation services play a pivotal role in forecasting project costs. We understand the financial implications of construction company, and our civil engineering contractors invests time and effort to provide complete costing before proceeding, ensuring transparency and feasibility.

5. Renovation and Modification Services

Transform your spaces with our comprehensive renovation and modification services. Elevate your projects with meticulous site supervision, ensuring excellence at every step.

Elevating 2D Drafting Engineering

We stand out as a trusted and recommended civil engineering design company offering top-notch 2D drafting engineering services. We have become synonymous with reliability and excellence in the field.

Types of 2D Drafting Services

Architectural Drawings

Presentation Drawings

Construction Documents

Section and Elevation Drawings

As-Built Drawings

Millwork Drawings

Electrical and Electronic Drawings

Assembly Drawings

Mechanical Shop Drawings

Structural Design Drawings

Structural Steel Drawings

MEP Drawings


How is the budget determined for civil engineering projects?

The civil engineering project budget is determined through the preparation of the bill of quantities by the Engineer. It gives detailed costs for materials, labor, and other expenses.

What is the timeline for completing a civil engineering project?

The timeline for completing a civil engineering project varies depending on the scope of work and project complexities.

What types of projects do civil engineering contractors handle?

Civil engineering contractors handle various projects including design, construction, renovation, modification, and site supervision in their scope of work.

How do I get a contractor’s license in Kenya?

To obtain a contractor's license in Kenya, you need to register with the National Construction Authority.