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What is building construction?

In civil engineering, building construction is the building or assembly of any infrastructure on a site. In simple words, it means putting together all the stuff needed to make a building or structure.

Although this may be thought of as a single activity. But it is actually multitasking. Normally the job is managed by the construction manager and supervised by the project manager or project architect. The process is lengthy and it includes bringing in machines, materials, and everything else needed to build.

Key Factors Essential for the Successful Execution of a Construction Project:

Every construction project requires a large number of laborers, carpenters, and other skilled people. They are needed to complete the physical task of construction. For the successful execution of a project, effective planning is necessary. Those involved with the construction work must consider:

  • Scheduling
  • Budgeting
  • Site Safety
  • Availability Of Materials
  • Logistics
  • Inconvenience To The Public Caused By Construction Delays
  • Preparing Tender Documents, and
  • The Environmental Impact Of The Job.

Phases of Building Construction:

Building Construction of a site is a time-consuming task that also needs effort. This procedure is split into three parts:

  • Phase 1: before the work starts,
  • Phase 2: present state of the site, and
  • Phase 3: after the completion of the construction.

A Brief of Every Essential Step in the Construction Process:

Step 1: Getting Ready To Build

Before starting a project, the client, design team, and contractor need to plan together. This is called the pre-construction process. During this time, the contractor and design team make detailed drawings, budgets, and schedules.

The team checks what the project needs and how much it might cost. They also look for any problems that might come up. They think of ways to fix them.

Getting Land

First, find the right land for the project. It needs to be in a good spot and not have any issues. Before buying the land, check if it is suitable and doesn't have any problems. Check how much the project might cost before starting.

First Meeting

There will be a meeting between the client and the contractor. The contractor listens to what the client wants. They try to understand the client's requirements. Also, they talk about what needs to get done, what's possible, and how long it might take.

Estimating And Planning

The contractor visits the site and makes a plan. They check how much stuff they need and how much it might cost. Afterward, the contractor makes a budget that includes how much money they will need for everything.

Making A Schedule

Next, they make a schedule. This schedule says when different parts of the project will start and finish.

They might change the schedule as the project goes on so that everything happens on time. Having a good schedule is important because it affects how much everything costs and how much money they make.

Step 2: Building Stuff

Once everyone knows what needs to be done, it is time to get to work. Building construction is where everything starts coming together. It is a big deal because there is a lot to do. It all has to be done on time.

Getting The Site Ready

First, the construction site needs to be cleared out. This means getting rid of any junk, machinery, and stuff that is in the way. Sometimes, the workers need permission to do this. This will mostly happen if there are trees or other things that need to be protected.

Before starting, there's a plan made for managing all the waste and all things are disposed of properly.


Construction starts with digging up the ground to make space for the building's foundation. Small projects might do this by hand. But big projects use heavy machines.

Then, the foundation is poured. This foundation keeps everything stable. Different types of foundations are used depending on the ground and what the building needs.

After that, the wooden frames or steel beams are put up to support the building. Then comes the masonry work. In this bricks or blocks are stacked up to make walls.

Next, the rough plumbing and electrical work are done. Pipes and wires are put in place inside the walls. Once the basic structure is done, the roof is put on to keep everything dry. Then the outside of the building construction is finished, like plastering and adding siding.

Inside, the walls get plastered. The floors get tiled. The ceiling gets finished. Plumbing and light fixtures are installed.

Waterproofing is done to keep the building dry. Then it is time for painting to make everything look nice.

Step 3: After Building

Once the building is finished, there are a few things left to do before it is ready to be used.


Everyone involved in the project checks to see if everything is done right. If it is, the building gets a certificate saying it is good to go.

Handing Over

Finally, the building is handed over to the owner. They get all the paperwork and instructions they need to take care of it. The contractor might also offer training to help them understand how everything works.


Building construction is important for a civil project to work well. It takes a lot of time and effort. But it is worth it. The building process is split into three parts: before building, building, and after building. Each step is very important. The contractor has to work in the best way during each phase of the construction.

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